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Why buy from us?

Well.. your engine just fizzled on your every day drive. You are presently confronted with the inquiry, "Do I need to replace my engine or purchase another car?" There are number of reasons why you should buy a quality used engine way before you are trying to even think of buying a new car. Here are the top 5 reasons

Cost Effective - One of the most important reasons why you should go for a used engine is that it will save you a lot of money. There are numerous suppliers across the US who provide quality auto parts at really cheap prices based on the make, model, and year of your car. Finding the best one is the hassle. Don't worry; we will do that for you. Just fill the form to get the best quotes and save your money.

Reliable - Believe or not, used engines are much reliable than the new one. Used engines go under numerous tests before it reaches you. They are tried and tested under the most difficult conditions. Buying a quality used engine can save you a lot of money in future repairs and replacements.

Hassle-Free - Buying a new car is a real hassle. You have to deal with a lot from the registration process to change your insurance policies. Whereas you can get a used engine for under $500, removing all the hassle associated with buying a new car.

Warranty Coverage - Most people think buying a used engine is a huge risk. But don't worry all our suppliers give 1-3 years of Warranty or Extended Warranty on most of the parts they sell. We take the fear out of your next used engine purchase.

Join the cause - The world generated more than 100 million metric tons of electronic and mechanical waste in 2019. Much of the used engine and transmissions end up in landfills of developing countries like Ghana and Thailand. Join our movement to reduce waste and make Earth a wonderful place to live.

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Know this before buying a Used Engine

If you are planning to buy a used engine or transmission, make sure you are buying a good one. There are few things to keep in mind before you decide upon the engine to purchase.

Mileage on the Engine - Mileage on the engine is a concern and it will have an impact on life expectancy. The ideal engine would have covered 15000 miles every year. Just make the basic calculation with the number of years and the miles covered before you make a decision.

Proper Testing - Make sure that the engine is tested before buying it. A used engine undergoes 2 tests before it is being delivered to you. The first test is a run test, where a test is performed on the engine on a test stand. This allows engine operation in different operating regimes and offers measurement of several physical variables associated with the engine operation. The second test is a compression test to check the condition of your engine's valves, its valve seats, and piston rings and whether these parts are wearing evenly.

Compatibility - Check if the engine will work on your vehicle. Communicate the make, model, and year of your vehicle with the supplier clearly before ordering to make sure the engine is compatible with your car, SUV, truck, or motorcycle.

Warranty - Always ask for a warranty. Make sure to ask if there are any conditions on the warranty before you order from the suppliers.

Best Selling Used Engines

Our best-selling used engines from US and Canada

Chevy Blazer S-10 Engine

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Nissan Used Transmission

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Ford Truck F-150 Engine

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Subaru 2.5L Engine

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